You’ve won the Spectrum Award! Now make sure your community knows so you get the full benefit of this honor and recognition.

To make it easy for award winners to share the good news, we developed a collection of expertly crafted resources to assist.


2019 City Beat News Spectrum AwardThis begins with prominently displaying the award itself so it is visible for all to see. There is no better attention-grabbing way to display your Spectrum Award than with the Spectrum Award Plaque. CLICK HERE TO ORDER

The plaque is a 10” by 13” blackwood-plaque-mounted-and-framed, full-color Spectrum Award Winner certificate. The plaque’s inscription includes your company’s name, location, award category, star rating and year.

Protecting the certificate inside the plaque-mounted framing preserves its impressive eye-catching information for years to come. For multi-year award winners, displays highlighting a history of awards of excellence are even more impressive.

Along with the Plaque of Honor you receive a digital image of the plaque for your website, Facebook page, and other marketing materials. Using both in combination reminds current and future customers of the honor you have worked so hard to achieve and furthers the momentum and growth you’ve attained.

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