The City Beat News Spectrum Award of Excellence in Customer Satisfaction

Established to spotlight companies and business professionals providing exceptional service and experiences to their clients and customers, we at City Beat News honor our mission to provide voice to the unheralded providers of exceptional service that are the foundation of our communities and to promote excellence wherever we find it.

With the Spectrum Award, business owners have the opportunity to promote their business by sharing the news of a coveted, credible, independent, third-party “stamp of approval.” Because City Beat News bases its award upon broad, balanced and researched customer satisfaction criteria, and delivers the result as a single uncomplicated number for the year, the Spectrum Award voices the endorsement of consumers in an easy to understand form of value to prospective customers and clients.

Quickly compare our rating system to the common “user review” site — the difference and benefit is clear for both consumers and owners.

CBN Customer Satisfaction Rating

  • is independently researched and unbiased in its reporting
  • is expressed in one simple, easily understood rating
  • is expressed in a simple format that customers easily understand and find useful
  • is stable for the year and only changes with research-based verification
  • Spectrum Award Star Page report only shows your business and rating
  • is straightforward, independently verified and offers a clear, unbiased perspective
  • provides third-party credibility

Typical User Review Sites

  • Often feature biased reviews – competitors and any disgruntled person can unfairly post biased and often untrue information
  • May show too few reports, leaving a weak or inaccurate impression
  • may show so many reports that it confuses customers (and confused customers do not buy)
  • ratings can change suddenly, based on one biased or inaccurate review
  • often show competitor ratings and reviews alongside yours, potentially sending your prospective customer to your competitor
  • may have open-ended wandering reviews and commentary that confuse readers and can kill sales — even if you are fortunate enough to have only positive reviews
  • use content where all reviewers are “interested parties” and biased one way or the other by definition (and the readers know that)


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