How to Nominate a Business for the Spectrum Award

Spectrum Awards Nominations are now open.

Do you know a business or professional that excels in customer satisfaction? Have you had an experience that moves you to sing the praises of a business? Share your story with us.

CBN Spectrum Award™


Customer Satisfaction is #1 Priority

The purpose of the Spectrum Award is to recognize and support businesses and professionals excelling in the area of customer satisfaction.



The nominee must be currently operating or doing business in the United States and have a physical location or travel to their customers, clients, or patients at their location.  



It begins with you. We already present comprehensive and sound research and ratings. But it is a big world. Despite the wide net that we cast searching for, and as good as our rating research is, we may have missed  or may not have captured all the pertinent information for every potential overachieving service provider. Reader nominations supplement our research process in identifying deserving businesses and professionals. Your nomination triggers our review of the nominee, or a re-review if we had previously reviewed them.

Your nomination will never hurt a company’s evaluation, and if supported by pertinent, persuasive and verifiable information, it may result in an award-level rating!



If a business meets the criteria and successfully achieves a 4 or 5 star rating based on our research and proprietary rating algorithm, the business’s results will be publicly available via an award page published on our website.

In the event a nominee does not meet the standards set by City Beat News to earn our highest ratings and the subsequent Spectrum Award, the results of our research will not be published.  We stand firm on our position to do no harm. We will never publish anything negative about any company we review.

During the Award year, we will reach to notify the winner of their status as a Spectrum Award Winner and possibly other outreach and promotional activities related to the Award.



We do not disclose to the nominee that they are being or have been nominated or evaluated unless we determine that we are able to award them with a star rating of 4 or higher. We do not otherwise post or publicize who has submitted a nomination either on the winner’s Award Page or otherwise.

Our researchers collect and evaluate a wide array of data including online reviews and other sources in the process of rating businesses. The information that you provide in your nomination may include sources that were not available to or identified by our researchers. The evaluation we will perform after receiving your nomination will take into account that added data.


Because we value the integrity and independence of our ratings and know that others rely on them, no number of nominations in and of themselves will lead to an award — we have to verify the award-worthiness of any nominee under our standards through multiple independent sources. However, in response to a nomination, the new information you provide in the nomination is first sought to be verified and then is included in the evaluation through our established evaluation protocols.