Awarding companies who excel in customer service.

The Spectrum Award of Excellence in Customer Satisfaction presented by City Beat News was established to spotlight companies and business professionals providing exceptional service and experiences to their clients and customers. Our research is done annually and is completely independent and unbiased. The award is only bestowed upon that fraction of those who earn our highest ratings.

CBN does the research at absolutely no charge to businesses and professionals earning the Spectrum Award. This is how we maintain our objectivity allowing for fair and balanced results.

  • Our Customer Satisfaction Rating is independently researched and unbiased in its reporting
  • Our Customer Satisfaction Rating is stable for the year and only changes with research-based verification
2018 Web Centre City Beat News Spectrum Award Plaque

The Spectrum Award honor provides a recognition that can ignite a wave of enthusiasm among customers, potential customers, staff and the community. By actively using your award, you can take it from a very nice distinction to a distinct advantage over your competitors.

Attract New Business

Cost-effective and affordable marketing tools are available exclusively to Spectrum Award winners. The researchers, writers, editors, publishers and staff at CBN encourage you to take full advantage of the benefits that come with your status as an award winner.

Gain Credibility

Consumers trust credible awards. With the Spectrum Award, business owners have the opportunity to promote their business by sharing the news of a coveted, credible, independent, third-party “stamp of approval.”

Encourage Your Team

Research shows money is NOT the number-one motivator. Recognition and appreciation are! You need to pay your team fairly, but know that being recognized and respected for their contributions is even more important to long term employee job satisfaction than the money.


Award Certificate Package


High quality, full-color 8.5″ x 11″ Spectrum Award Winner Certificate with your company’s name, location, award category and star rating for your framing or mounting.

The digital copies of your award for your website, social media pages, campaigns, email signatures and other marketing materials. Use them in combination to remind current and future customers of the honor you have worked so hard to achieve and further the momentum and growth you’ve attained.

Award Poster


24″ x 36″ Full-color glossy poster celebrating your achievement and promoting your company’s mission to service excellence.  

Suggested Placement:

  • Vendor Shows- The beautiful eye-catching poster serves up a great big helping of credibility to your visitors, building trust even before the first hand shake.
  • Window Displays- Attract more foot traffic and give your competition something to talk about!
  • Break Room – Remind, motivate, and recognize your staff for doing their part.

And More!

Plaque and Appreciation Package


Showcase Your Customer Service Achievement! 

Going beyond the expectations of your customers and staff is what helps set you apart. Along with the Plaque of Honor you receive two (2) full color 8.5″ x 11″ Appreciation Certificates with either our standard wording or personalized to your specifications with the assistance of a CBN customer care specialist.

The Award Plaque is a 10” by 13” blackwood-plaque-mounted-and-framed, full-color Spectrum Award. The plaque’s inscription includes your company’s name, location, award category, star rating and year.

Protecting the certificate inside the plaque-mounted framing preserves its impressive eye-catching information for years to come. For multi-year award winners, displays highlighting a history of excellence are even more impressive.