Take it from a nice distinction to a distinct advantage

By actively using your award, you can take it from a nice distinction to a distinct advantage over your competitors.Studies show that even the perception of customer service can make or break a business. You have an opportunity to benefit from this recognition.

Proper marketing of your status as an Award Winning Company will help your business generate both new interest and new revenue. Winning the Spectrum Award instantly distinguishes your company as top-notch, increasing customers’ and prospects’ faith and trust in your business.

  • Attract new business
  • Keep existing customer
  • Optimize third-party credibility
  • Motivate and encourage staff
  • Protect your brand and reputation as a top-rated company

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Achieve even higher levels of success by contacting your dedicated CBN Awards Coordinator at 866-732-9800 or click here to schedule a one-on-one conversation.

We provide award-winning companies the tools and resources to help them spread their excellence and prosper. It is our honor and privilege to offer these resources to the elite group of winners. Your diligent efforts to win your customers’ “stamp of approval” got you this far. Get support for your further growth with real marketing solutions. Our marketing consultants are available to answer questions you may have as you navigate your next steps in building your business.