CBN’s “Customer Excellence” collection of data on specific companies and development of proprietary ratings procedures are the ongoing result of research begun in 2009, and have been continuously enhanced since. We spotlight businesses earning the highest ratings for customer satisfaction and experience. Excellence is no accident. You already know you provide phenomenal service, and now the Spectrum Award testifies to that for everyone else to know too. As a new member of the exclusive community of award-winners, we want to help you showcase what makes you great!


The benefits of your Spectrum Award include:

  1. Prospects’ knowledge of the award attracts new business.
  2. The award news reinforces your brand awareness and reputation among existing customers.
  3. Reputation enhancement through earning a coveted third-party rating from an independent research and news organization.
  4. Pride in your high standards and customer success motivates employees to deliver daily on great customer service of your traditions.
  5. Being named as a Spectrum Award winner boosts crucial online Search Engine Optimization (SEO); active use of your award status will further improve crucial online SEO and brand recognition.

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