Advanced Automotive Service Center 2016 Spectrum Award Winners

Consumers can be cynical – they want assurance that the companies they choose to do business with are honest, trustworthy and real. Few companies utilize a try-before-you-buy model, so buyers must research other sources, such as awards, customer service reputations, and reviews to help guide their decisions.

If buyers don’t trust your business, it may be because there’s no evidence to indicate that you are a trustworthy company. As a marketer, you can certainly claim your business is trustworthy, but without outside validation, today’s knowledgeable consumers aren’t buying it.

And while there are numerous marketing strategies that can help you reach your goals, the most successful can often be unbiased validation by third-party sources. Think about it – listening to a company sing their own praises about their business can only go so far, but if a credible source praises your business, people will begin to listen.

Consumers rely on credible, third party accolades more than branded media or user reviews when making purchasing decisions, according to a study from inPowered.

The findings indicated that the credibility and unbiased nature of content is critical for consumers, with 85% regularly or occasionally seeking out trusted reviews and awards when considering a purchase.

Here are some reasons why this type of validation is a foundation to success for any business:

  1. Building company credibility: Building credibility is a main driver to the success of your brand, and will have an effect whether or not consumers return. When an unaffiliated source praises your brand, it can be an instant credibility booster.
  1. Validating your product/service:  The value of unbiased third-party validation is considerable – it’s what provides confidence and accountability to companies and consumers to make the purchase.
  1. Achieve broader exposure: In addition to building credibility with potential customers, getting approval from third-party sources – such as in the form of an award – will also leverage credibility in the media.

Ultimately, unbiased third-party perspective can be a secret weapon in closing the sale. Nothing you say about your company will have as much influence as what others say on your behalf.


For more information about the Spectrum Award for Customer Service Excellence contact us at 866-732-9800

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