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Facts About Personal Branding

Your businesses’ personal brand can be your greatest asset. Personal branding is the process of establishing a unique identity through a combination of skills, experiences, and interactions with customers and clients. Whether Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, people are using social…

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Equity equals money

How Much Equity Does The Typical Homeowner Have?

Simply put, equity refers to the value of your home minus the amount of money you still owe on your mortgage. It is the factor that separates homeowners from renters and is among the greatest creators of wealth for average…

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Personal Branding on Black-Golden Watch Face

Personal Branding for Real Estate Agents

The word “brand” constantly is tossed around in marketing conversations. While mentioned often, the meaning of the word is a bit obscure. If asked the question “What is a brand?” many people would mention logos, slogans, colors, and even specific…

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house with chimney and blue sky

Prices May Not Be As High As Homeowners Think

Naturally, home prices are a big part of any discussion of where the housing market is and where it’s headed. That’s because it’s an easy metric for home buyers and sellers to follow. It’s also because it’s an important factor…

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Owning a House is a Good Investment

Americans Say Buying A House Is A Good Investment

The vast majority of surveyed Americans say they believe owning a house is a solid investment, according to a new survey from Digital Risk. And that doesn’t just include homeowners and prospective buyers. In fact, 83 percent of renters agreed…

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Credit Score Stock Image

Americans’ Credit Scores Reach Record High

Your credit score is a pretty significant number. Though you may not think about it all that often, it has an effect on your ability to qualify for a loan and the terms you’ll receive if you’re approved. In other…

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housing in the city

Summer Housing Sentiment Hits Record High

How are Americans feeling about the real estate market this summer? Well, according to Fannie Mae’s monthly Home Purchase Sentiment Index, as good as ever. The index – which measures consumers’ attitudes about home prices, buying and selling, mortgage rates,…

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