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Online Reputation Management is Essential

The Importance of Online Reputation Management In The Digital Age Reputation management is nothing new in the world of advertising, marketing and branding a company. However, in today’s increasingly digital world, a new area has emerged: Online Reputation Management (ORM).…

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Consumers Have Greater Faith In Award Winning Companies

Consumers Have Greater Faith In Award Winning Companies but they can be cynical. In today’s market, consumers have a myriad of products, companies and services from which to choose. Consumers want assurance, however, that the companies they choose to do…

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Employee Turnover Got You Down?

Employee Turnover Got You Down? Employee turnover can have a negative impact on any industry. The effects are even more harmful now with the abundance of opportunities available to workers. Longevity is the key to success. Keeping your good employees…

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Digital Ease of Service

User Experience: A Fundamental Marketing Strategy What does customer experience mean to you?  For most, it’s the practice of preparing for – and reacting to – user interactions to meet and exceed their expectations in an effort to increase loyalty…

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