You’ve earned recognition for your outstanding customer service.  Use this opportunity to gain additional favorable publicity and draw in more new business.


  1. Check out your unique Award Page. Keep it updated to provide your most current info for people checking you out online.  An upgraded award page is available.
  2. Announce and publicize your award status where people will see it in person and online to promote and attract new business.
  3. Display your award materials prominently at your place of business, in the office, online and on the go to build your reputation.As an added benefit, the design of your unique Award Page URL is Search Engine Optimized to support your online marketing.
  4. Leverage the resources available to you to promote your business as an award winner. Place your custom digital images on your website and in advertising and marketing materials.  It reassures prospective customers and clients that they will get quality service.  Don’t forget to link your award page to boost your SEO!
  5. Promote your business by announcing and publicizing your award status where customers and prospects will see it. Give them something to talk about!
  6. Enhance your credibility through third party testimonials by placing the Spectrum Award plaque image on your website, press releases, advertising and marketing materials. Click here for more information on professional assistance in developing and effectively placing press releases.
  7. Display your award materials prominently for daily messaging and branding enhancement at your place of business.  Learn how to use your digital award images effectively to boost your brand by contacting an award representative at CBN.
  8. Follow up is key to making lifelong clients. Thank them for their part in your recognition.  They will appreciate your gratitude and be more encouraged to make you their personal recommendation.  Share the news with friends and family.  This will instill them with a sense of pride and motivate them to create a buzz about your achievements generating more word-of-mouth promotions in person and online.  Consider a Certificate of Appreciation or have a celebration to thank them for their contributions.
  9. Spread the news and distinguish your company from others by using the Spectrum Award and its graphics in your email signature, social media sites and advertisements. Share and post your award page via social media news feeds directly from your Award Page.
  10. Update your company and personal biographies and profiles to include the award.

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